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N-Power started assessment tests for Teach Volunteer Corps on Wednesday but there are slightly interesting things to note about this category of applicants.

Here are pointers about the test as listed by N-Power:

Firstly, they have been asked to log in immediately so that the candidate can know scheduled date for his or her test.

Secondly, if applicants BVN validation is pending, such applicant might have to wait till Friday, 11 August.

Also, applicants are to attempt STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) test based on the choice of extra skill such applicant picked during registration.

If eventually the BVN did not match, such applicant will not be allowed to log in, meaning application process of such applicant has come to an end.

The N-Teach volunteers, which would serve 2 years, are to be deployed to primary and secondary schools nationwide as assistant teachers, to support with school management and learn other functions .


STEM test consists of questions from Networking, Computing, Programming and Animation.

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