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How religious are people on New Year resolutions



Last Updated on July 18, 2023 by Fellow Press

It comes so natural to make a New Year’s resolution but it takes determination to be able to keep it.

Every year, people make their New Year resolution with the best of intentions, especially with the hope and desire to become a better version of themselves.

Also, some people make New Year’s resolutions knowing the odds of them ever following through with them are minimal.

As the first quarter of the year ended, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday spoke with some residents in Lagos metropolis on the New Year resolutions they made and if still maintaining it.

Sunday Akpan, a lecturer at Coal City University, Enugu, told NAN that his resolutions were gradually falling in line.

“The ability to be able to withstand the forces either from man is a plus to achieving your New Year resolutions, mine is gradually falling in line.

“It is a process and the steps to achieving this process must be sustained. There will be difficulties such as government policies, bad influence and peer pressure.

“Above all, prayer. The holy book tells us that it is not by power nor by our might but by the grace of God, we need prayers. We need grace even to achieve our New Year resolutions,” Akpan said.

A footballer, Qudus Olaifa, said that if his resolutions had not been tied to politics and economic situation of the country, he would have achieved his goals.

“So far, I’ll say Alihamdulillahi (thanks to Allah). Although things are not set due to the economic and political changes in the country but at the same time I try to keep up with some plans and resolutions I set at the beginning of year.

“The ones that are within my control, I have been religious about it and I am proud of the progress so far,” he said.

Agam Bulky, the Managing Director of Bulky Gadgets, told NAN that it had been difficult keeping up with his New Year resolutions.

“It’s not been easy, there are so many distractions, especially with the new policies made by the government. From cashless policy to election. This hasn’t made things easy for me but in all I will say the Lord is faithful. Most are sustainable but the others come down to consistency,” he said.

A basketball player, David Ajala, said his resolution for the year was to be closer to God.

“One of the biggest goal I set for myself is to draw closer to God. To have a great relationship with Him, but this has been very difficult due to distractions to get other goals accomplished.

“There’s however nothing that is impossible. I will definitely get a close relationship with God and then other goals will fall alongside,” he said.

Laura Akpe,a Real Estate Consultant, said that keeping up with her New year resolutions had been a daunting task.

“Keeping up with the new resolutions have been quite tasking even as the first quarter of the year ends. My businesses have been struggling to keep up.

“The truth is that I have been trying to survive and flow in the middle of the whole crisis. For now, all those resolutions are packed to one side and I’m trying to see how to get them back to the lane.

“But apart from that, I will just say I’m trying. Some of my new year resolutions was to establish a new policy in my company. By this time I should have made those policies but I’m trying to round off with one or two things.

“Another of my resolution was to deepen my faith in God and I have been having challenges with that but all things are possible,” she said.

For Daniel Obidikeh, a banker, he stopped making resolutions due to past experiences.

“I dislike putting myself under any type of pressure. I take my life as it comes one day at a time, I don’t have control over a lot of things.

“Even my reaction to things is different, it is controlled by my mood at the time. I don’t make resolutions, it gets me agitated and it’s not good for my mental health,” he said.

Kofoworola Agunbiade, an investment banker, told NAN that the last time she had New Year’s resolutions was in her teenage years.

“I think as adults we understand how life is. So, we understand that we don’t need that extra burden, the euphoria of the New Year usually gets people high to make unrealistic resolutions.

“There are lots of uncertainty beyond one’s control that can throw one off balance. I won’t beat myself up about that,” she said.

Omowunmi Binuyo, a student, told NAN that making resolutions should not be just about a new year.

“I am not big on resolutions and I don’t understand the attachment to the beginning of a new year,” she said.

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Minimum wage: Archbishop urges compromise



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Archbishop Joseph Ojo, General Overseer of the Calvary Kingdom Church, Okokomaiko, Lagos State, on Saturday urged labour leaders and the Federal Government to reach a compromise as regards a new minimum wage.

Ojo made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

The archbishop described wage negotiation as a social contract that should be approached with empathy by parties.

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The cleric said that lack of employment might result in increase in crimes.

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The cleric said that high wage bill might compel private schools to increase school bills to meet up with overhead costs.

“Some parents will not meet up, and their children would be forced to drop out of school,” he said.

He also advised governments to consider subsisting social-economic variables, such as cost of food items, transport and medical bills, and offer a sustainable minimum wage.

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NAN reports that the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress are now demanding N250, 000 as a new minimum wage.

The Federal Government has offered to pay N62,000.

Negotiations are ongoing.

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Sen. lbrahim Oloriegbe, the state’s 2024 Amirul Hajj, while speaking with NAN, attributed the failure to transport the last batch of the pilgrims to faulty aircraft.

Oloriegbe said the intending pilgrims had boarded the aircraft since Thursday but were unable to be transported following the development.

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