Nigerian economy is losing over N1billion monthly due to smuggling activities and conspiracy of bad government elements at the corridor of power, Social Integrity Network revealed.

According to the group, “there exist a cartel of economic saboteurs who import huge volume of containers every week valued at about $5m which were never captured under the correct HS code 7210.30.00.00 – 7210.50.00.00 of Nigerian Customs Service portal.

It further said the unscrupulous activities is making the Federal Government of Nigeria to lose an estimated revenue of about  N1billion monthly on these smuggled items due to the neglect of pre-inspection of any container coming into the country which was hither-to the practice in Nigeria prior to current administration emanating from wrong declaration and conspiracy with Releasing Customs Officers and non-proper monitoring of the usage of private jetty and lack of security in lonely ports.

In a statement by its National Coordinator, Comrade Jubrin Abdulmalik, obtained by FELLOW PRESS, the Social Integrity Network further noted that the present administration is resisting all avoidable neo-colonialism tendencies capable of enslaving Nigerian citizens and relegating the economic fortunes as well as pride investments of the nation to its lowest ebb.

Unfortunately, the group noted, it is saddened to note that Nigeria’s economy is heading to a severe point of collapse due to the many havocs precipitated by some Government Monitoring Agencies especially those who are directly involved in the economic and security sectors respectively.

According to investigation done by the group into the nation’s port management and pre-shipment management, it revealed that the nation’s security has been exposed to abuse, gross misconducts, undue connivance as well as aiding and abetting illegal importation of substandard products into the country at the detriment of the masses.

It continues, “To our dismay, the unpatriotic moves have over the years significantly affected the Textile Industry in the past and most recently, the nation’s steel industry because smugglers had enjoyed the protection of the Standard Organization of Nigeria, (SON) and the Nigeria Customs Service thereby channelling all manners of goods into the nation.

“It would be recalled that the federal government had imposed 45 percent Import Duties on foreign products that are successfully being manufactured locally, in order to protect local manufacturers but unfortunately, findings have revealed that little or nothing paid by dealers who have successfully flooded the nation imported items that are even substandard and dangerous for usage in Nigeria.

“This is condemnable, frivolous, unwarranted and uncharitable to the present administration. There is a deep hole in national security. There is a big alarm required to close massive revenue loss, threat on economic activities as well as, the future of Nigerians.

“Surprisingly, smuggled substandard steel products are freely traded in all markets in Nigeria thereby subjecting local manufacturers to serious economic and social investment misfortune. A silent question is, where are agencies like the Nigeria Custom Service, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), the Nigeria Customs Service despite the efforts of the Presidential Committee on Trade Malpractices and Department of State Service (DSS).

“Our investigations have showed clearly that given the grave dangers of the smuggling of steel products, the Federal Government of Nigeria should act fast and now. The nation must immediately enforce all investors protective policies that will put a stop to the activities of these economic saboteurs.

“Although, the Standard Organization of Nigeria, (SON), had reacted to an allegation of non-performace leveled against its officials by the Galvanized, Iron and Steel Manufacturers Association, (GISMA) clearing the air that some manufacturers usually escape its scrutiny through other agency i.e the Nigeria Customs Service due to its lack of security enforcement operational technique.”



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