Affect Project Initiative yesterday gathered students for training geared towards exposing them to leadership task ahead and to prepare them for the future.

Photograph time with some of the partipating schools | Photo: file

According to the convener, Mr. Ayodeji Ajiboye, the initiative partnered with the Ministry of Education to awaken genius in the young leaders, in order to become a pace setters in field of their endeavours, rise above all kinds of limitations.

Held at the Bishop Smith Memorial College, Ilorin, Kwara State capital, the programme was tagged “Grooming Genius for Nation Building” and attended by students from different secondary schools, exposing them to the need to think out of the box and be a problem solvers instead of falling prey to vulnerable economic situation and circumstances of life in which they find themselves.

You are a genius: Affect Project Initiative convener, Ajiboye, addressing the students | Photo: file

Ajiboye, an educationist, while giving opening remarks stressed that the initiative was borne out of the desire to raise “future leaders who are indigenous and original in their ways of life and thoughts. Generation ready to push forward beyond limit; leaders who won’t cower, who would not only compete in innovation and originality globally but are pace setters of ideas and bringing ease to humanity.”

The students expressed their gratitude for bringing up such programme, as it served as a supplementary diet, particularly as conventional education is no longer enough to equip them for future full of uncertainty.

Cross section of school administrators and participating students | Photo: file
Educational stakeholders and students | Photo: file

A participating student, Adburamon Kadri said, “I really thank those who put this programme together and I will like them to continue as I have benefitted so much from it.”

Other students also commended the efforts targeted at them to get the best out of them, saying they would like to be selected again as participants for the next series of the programme.

The convener also stressed that the “younger generation, when fortified with right knowledge and groomed for nation building are capable of achieving great things for their country.”

He also called for need to raise geniuses in our society as they have been designated with the mandate to profer solutions to complex problems.

On his part, Mr. Kayode Alabi, an Assistant Director at the Ministry of Education, Kwara State, told the younger leaders to take their future into their hands and not to take light the invaluable message from the training programme.

Mr. Kayode Alabi | Photo: file

“When we were growing education was free and we were given free jobs and cars upon graduation. But it is unfortunate this is no longer obtainable as you children of this generation came as at the time when education is not something they beg you with, but you have to struggle to get it,” Mr Alabi said.

“Please take this training serious as it will help you to stand out among your equals.”

Other cogent topic presented at the training urged the young Nigerians on being visionary, creative, entrepreneurial and having integrity amongst others.

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