BBNaija: Day 40: Alexa says she might be a good follower but not foot licker

Alex’s energy is so contagious that we all felt it when she first walked onto the Big Brother Naija stage. From queening with her green hair to queening on the dance floor, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Sink Or Swim?

At the beginning, she seemed to have had it all figured out and looked like she knew what she wanted and how she’d get it. In fact, this is true for most if not all of the Housemates. Everyone thought that having watched the show before would give them an upper hand but boy were they wrong. Being so young and in a position where she’d be exposed to so much with the whole of Africa exposed to her, Alex took a bit of a fall and almost completely lost her game plan. With 19 other overbearing personalities in the House, there was evidence of back stabbing and quarrel cocktails that always spilt over and intoxicated the entire House; Alex seemed to take even deeper dives and found it hard to swim to the surface and catch her breath, hence her drowning.

Dogded The Bullet

However, it seems like her absence during her ‘recollection period’ did her good because she managed to dodge the Nomination bullet and got out of it with mere scratches and emotional bruises, this due to the consequent Eviction of her bestie Vandora. Little ol Alex had gone down so much that the only way was up really and that’s where she seems to be going, slowly but surely. Her gaming philosophy is quiet different from the rest though; during her conversation with Ifu Ennada, she said and we quote, “there’s only one winner, one out of 20 people and you want me to break my leg?” Basically, she’s not about to ruffle any feathers or stab any backs, unless of course it’s done to her.

Many Shades Freed.

Her partnership with Tobi wasn’t only remedial for him, she too benefited from it. Even though she’d locked herself in closet Leo for a while, Tobi managed to get through to her and not only was her energy felt during ‘audiogasm’, she cracked the shell and stepped over the pieces in the House too. Although she’s mentioned just how afraid she was of growth, there is some evidence it.





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