Marriage of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II and his Queen Wuraola was reported to have crashed.

According to reports by, Olori Wuraola said to have be non-committed to her martial vows and many other things that are not publishable.

Their union which is just one year down the line has irretrievably crashed. It seems the well-celebrated married of His Imperial Majesty to her beauty Queen has run its full course, while they had no child yet.

According to an insider, who described the marriage being plagued with hatred and suspicion and deprived of love, said Olori was accused of many unpublishable offences and lack of commitment to her marital vows. Even as you read she is not on talking terms with her in-laws. The allegations are as wide as they are wild.

Back then when Olori Wuraola held sway, she had the world at her feet; she got her wishes at the snap of a finger and she literally ruled the royal household. Wherever he went, she was constantly by his side. She basked in the stratospheric adulation that came with being the apple of the Ooni’s eyes. Pray, who wouldn’t?

Unfortunately, things have changed and many within the palace now snigger and sneer at her for losing her position as the queen to one of the most powerful Monarchs in Africa.

Pointer there was something fishy between the enstranged couple was how Olori Wuraola hurriedly headed for President Olusegun Obasanjo’s home after their return from recent trip.

The urgent visit would not be unconnected with how the former President will intervene to avert her being dumped and be replaced with another wife.

The inside source also added that both have gone their separate ways, possibly aggravating the already damages.

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