Come back home…With little you bring we can build our Igbo land– Bob Manuel

Nollywood actor and film producer, Bob Manuel Udokwu, has lent his voice to the trending issue of threats by the Coalition of the Northern Youths theatening Igbo to vacate their territories within 3 months.

FELLOW PRESS observed that the Anambra born actor advised his kinsfolks resident in the North to find their way back to the East without further delays.

While addressing newsmen in Anambra, Bob Manuel said “Igbo people are both hard-working and fearless. I’m advising them to leave the North and come back home. Igbos are so generous and they develop every place they go with their wealth”.

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“We are the only people that goes to other territories, reside there, buy lands and transform the town to city with roads and mansions.

“This is not the case with other tribes that comes to Igbo land. They will not even buy land, needless to say of owing properties in Igbo land.

“Igbo people are loving to their non-indigen residents. We give them our food, water and every other thing they required. We give them open reception.

“So I am asking my fellow Igbos to return home so we can start doing better things from home. Even with a little, we can start from there to build and beautify our blessed Igbo land”.




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