Barely two weeks after boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, gave up the ghost, his ex-girlfriend, Mensah Barbara, who has a child for him, is reportedly attempting to expose his sex tapes for commercial gain, Sunday People is reporting.

Barbara is alleging that her daughter, Kiiursti, is the lovechild of the three-times world heavyweight champion.

Barbara, who after the boxing legend’s death, said he loved her greatly despite her despicable behavior, says she is hoping to make $100,000 for selling the sex tapes of the deceased.
She told the British tabloid about her relationship with the deceased.

The 70-year-old said, “It really, really hurts and only time will ease the pain.

“R.I.P until we meet again. I’m so glad I came to say goodbye to my love. You were always there for me.

“I never would have missed your home going for the world.”
“Ali always referred to me as his wife with great respect and not as a hidden affair.”

She also threw shades at Ali’s wife, Lonnie, saying, “Yes she tried to keep me from you in life and in death but here I am at the private funeral. R.I.P. my love.

She further said she was shopping reported sex tapes of the legendary boxer.

She said, “The tapes were ­entrusted to me by one of Ali’s closest confidants.

“I already made inquiries to get the old cine film ­transferred on to CD to make my sordid deal easier to clinch.

“The footage was shot at gumbo parties arranged after his fights. Gumbo is a ­traditional Louisiana stew.

“I know the value of the footage.

“No one has anything like this. I’d like to get as much as I can, maybe between $100,000 to about £70,000.

“There would be Ali and a few of his guys and then about a dozen or more girls. All of them were stunning.

“Muhammad couldn’t keep away from having sex with every pretty girl whether he was married or not.

“The tapes show them having sex. They used to call them gumbo parties: it was a mix of everything,” Barbara told Sunday People.

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