By Olakunle Adeniyi

The embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has said he was born for no other reason than to restore Biafra to his. He added that it is either getting the Biafra he was destined for or death.

Mr Kanu made the statement during the religious Shabatt rally held in his father’s compound.

He said: “We are unstoppable, both in the spiritual and physical. Our enemies are in trouble, very serious trouble I tell you.

“This very congregation is very special and dear to me. This is the very first observant in this very family before me, before His Royal Majesty (he seems to be addressing a particula royal father who was on seat at the rally).

“The reason IPOB is formidabble is because we have history on our side, we have intellegence on our side, we have reasoning on our side and we have determination on our side. We are pratically unstoppable.

“On the 30th of May, we shut this very place down and after that we prepare for our referandum. The choice is theirs how they want to play it. They must give us date for referandum. If they fail to do that, there will not be election in Biafra land forever and ever. IPOB is the largest freedom fighting movement in the whole world. We don’t count our numbers because we are too many.

“Some people don’t know who I am. They speculates, they believe conjection, they believe in fabrication and trust in their lies. And I say with only the truth, the zoo will fall.

Further addressing his adherent, Kanu said “I dont want you to be under any illusion. We came prepared for this. Because it’s either Biafra of death. Make no mistake about it. This is my one singular mission on earth, the reason why I was born. That is what I am doing right now. No other reason, I was not born to be a rich man. I was not born to be a scientist. I was not born to be a penticostal preacher. I was not born to be a magician. I was not born to be a public administrator, I was not born to be a trader. I was born to restore Biafra.

He concluded by saying that what he preach to them is the word from the Most High. If you obey the Ten Commandmen of God Biafra will come.

Recall that Kanu was arrested on 14 October, 2015 for treasonable felony by the Department of State Service and was only released on bail 28 April 2017.

Though one of the bail condition is for Kanu not to gather in crowd or engage any rally, the Biafra leader seems to be turn deaf hear to the order.

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