I still greet my husband on my knees, says Professor Grace Otinwa

The immediate past Head of Department, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Professor Grace Otinwa, has confessed that no women should not reach any position in life and start taking their husbands for granted, saying though reaching the highest cadre in her career, she still knee to greet her husband.

The professor of Exercise Physiology also said her husband who is a civil engineer has been very supportive to her career and motivates her to achieve greatness.

In an interview with Punch, Otinwa said, “My husband and I have come a long way in our relationship, and I can tell you that he is a wonderful husband. We met at our school fellowship at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

“Till today, I do not know how he spotted me but his friend assisted him in approaching me. When we started talking, he was a bit reserved towards me because I resided in Lagos but with time, he saw that I was different from the typical Lagos girls.

The university don further said, “I had to pray about our relationship for a while and I did not accept his advances until I was convinced that it was ordained by God. I would say that God just made our path to be loving and peaceful and till date, I am still amazed at the way my husband professes his love for me.

“We still love ourselves like teenagers. We go out very often for dinner and lunch dates with or without our children. One thing I have discovered from the Bible is that as women, we need to submit to our husbands.

“When we started, it was not easy but I realised that he really loves me and that made our marriage easy. I do not find it difficult to go on my two knees to greet my husband even though I am a professor. It has nothing to do with being a professor but about my character as a person.

“He is really supportive, he is not jealous of my progress; rather he encourages me to do more so that I can reach higher height in my career. He also picks interest in domestic chores, so when I am busy, he is there to assist me. Since my profession involves travelling for some time, he understands that it is part of my job. Some of my friends call him HOP which means head or husband of professor, so they also call him professor.

“I give my husband the respect that he deserves. He believes in me and trusts with everything, including our finances. He reciprocates the respect I give him with deep understanding and career support. I would tell you it is not easy to be a professor. It takes a lot of work.

“I do not find it difficult to go on my knees to greet my husband, because he is worth it. I count myself lucky and blessed to have an understanding man like him. I respect him so much and he equally reciprocates. My husband is my head and I don’t deny it, I have been totally submissive to him. He has been a pillar of support when it was rough and when it was good.





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