Anti-Igbo Threat: Osinbajo to punish vows those stirring troubles….meet Northern leaders

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo was on Tuesday having meeting with leaders of Northern people and warned expressly that the government would deal with anyone found guilty of making hate statements.

The threats from Northern youth to Igbos to vacate their territories within 3 months has not only sparked controversial debate but put a question mark to what we called unity in diversity in Nigeria.

Professor Osinbajo warned that those behind the spread of hate and threat should desist from such action, saying such would not bear any good result but rock the boat of peaceful coexistence the country has been enjoying.

His words: “We won’t some group to hide behind tribal climes. Our current situation as a nation is for us to come together, but not to isolate ourselves. We must work together as one.

“The government is making all possible means to unify the country in line with provisions provided in the constitution.

“Speech or behaviour that are laced with hatred or division are not legal and people spreading such will meet the full weight of the law.

“I want to assure you that government will have no preferential treatment for anyone causing violence or division.

“When divisive statements eventually results to violence which is capable of destroying lives and properties, those who initiated such action will no longer be in control and can not do anything to stop it.

Mr Osinbajo recalled that there has been wider noise from the youths population about who will vacate their zone. He urged leaders and elders not to condone such.

“Though some will still say that such statement are mere empty threats and should be ignored, but such is capable of generating violence.”

“It is pertinent for our leaders to address such threat issues with utmost quickness. The leaders are exposed to history of this country. Our youths need sense of direction and should be educated how to vent their grievances.

Osinbajo further said the strength of Nigeria as a nation lies in its constitutional provisions, and as a sovereign nation under God.




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