The second batch of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led youths empowerment scheme, N-Power, in currently in progress with teaming numbers of Nigerian youths applying.

The Acting President Yemi Osinbajo had in February announced plan to empower 350,000 more youths in addition to 200,000 hired in the first batch of the N-power scheme.

However, to reduce the stress undergone by the applicants during in the N-Power 2016 batch, the scheme has made slight difference in the mode of application for the 2017, applicants would not have to sign up with username and password.

Also, applicants do not have to upload certificates or any documents during the application, so as to relieve the database and servers of the undue intricacy.

Nevertheless, there is always prons and cons side to every methods, as 2017 N-Power recruitment also has its limitation despite the ease of first stage application. The next stage after application is to write the assessment test, and most applicants are not finding this easy.

Investigations made by be FELLOW PRESS in some Cyber Cafes in Ilorin revealed that majority of 2017 N-power applicants can not log in to write their assessment test, even while it is their turn to do so, owing to the fact that they were not verified or sent SMS to log in and write their test.

Our correstpondent who spoke with a Cafe operators along Challenge area gathered that 9 out of 10 applicants have not received text message from N-power and therefore were not allowed to log in, needless of being able to write the test on the portal (

A Cafe operator, Olajide Balogun, said: “We always have countless number of people who come to us to write their N-power assessment test but most of them often go home unable to write the test because they have not been texted SMS, though it is their time to write the test as contained in the tabletable.

“But without them receiving text verification, the login will report invalid”, Mr. Balogun said.

According to him, applicants who have received confirmation SMS will be able to log in and write the exam, and mostly were sent SMS many days after normal schedule, indicating that there is delay in the process.

FELLOW PRESS garthered that there are challenges with 2017 batch of N-power, nevertheless it would be fissled out as applicants might still be sent verification SMS some days after the proper date to write the test.

Applicants will need to exercise enough patient.

Although N-power administrators were sent mail but we are yet to receive reply as at the time of filing this report.

Best of luck to all the applicants.


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