Boko Haram claims victory over Maiduguri attack…Become Muslims and we’ll lay down arms, Shakau says

The leader of Boko Haram terrorist, Abubakar Shekau, has in a video, claimed responsibility for Thursday attack in Maiduguri, Borno state capital.

He boasted of terror group seizing arms after military officers fled the city while the terror group launched its attack.

In the video which was released on Youtube, Mr. Shekau also gave precondition for ceasefire, saying Nigeria government must repent from its evil ways and accept Islam.

Speaking Hausa, the shadowy terror group leader also boasted of possessing military ID cards, live ammunition, helmets of soldiers, amongst other items which he seized after the attack.

He continued by narrating how Boko Haram overpowered the Nigerian Army, saying they gained victory not by their own prowess but through Allah and vow that the war will continue and be passed to their children and grandchildren, just like terror groups in the middle east operates.


Calling soldiers infidels, he said they are busying searching for them in the Sambisa forest, but they launched attack “bringing war to them in the township”.

He therefore warned on deceiving the world that military has finished them. “Defence Minister must stop lying that we have all been killed”

“Our children and grandchildren will inherit this war and carry on from there. This war cannot be stopped”, he added.

Threatening that Boko Haram will continue to launch subsequent attacks, he said, “war has been begun and we will bring to the cities and everybody shoud be ready”.

“The world should know that we are alive in the bushes, observing our Ramadan fast and living normal lives just like any other person out there.

Citing instances from terror groups operating in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, he warned Chief of Army Staff, Lef. Gen. Buratai that he is not capable to deal Boko Haram just as terror groups in those countries are not defeatable.

“Repent of your sins and accept Islam in the proper way. That is the only way out for you”.

“Our dispute is caused by your lack of worship of God in Islamic way, if you to the right thing the war will end.

“We never reach any truce, stop lying to the world. We never strike any peace deal together. Our language as been fire for fire, rifle for rifle. Becoming true Muslims is the only way out and we will lay down our guns. With this, we will all come and do proper Sharia.”




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