N-Power distrutes devices in Rivers State [PHOTO]

N-power’s promised devices are being distributed to beneficiaries, and according to what FELLOW PRESS gathered, the activity stopped at River State, though some have collected in the state.

A beneficiary, Adaobi N. Okeke, who has collected her device took to Facebook and uploaded the picture of the Samung E Tab while showing her appreciation, saying, “Collected,,,, thanks to u Mr President, his vice and APC’.

Reacting to the beneficiary, N-Power urged her to remember to use the device for the purpose for which it was intended.

“Congratulations. Now remember that, this is a tool of self-development. You are expected to read the textbooks, watch the videos and implement the lessons. Your use of the device must be intentional.”

N-Power however said the mode of distributing the devices would be “decentralized and more humane method for collection of device in the State” and that the “the distribution has been suspended”, adding that it would be “providing new information in a little while”.

Recall that the scheme has said it would temporarily postpone the distribution of the device owing to discouraging pace at which the process is being carried out.

Meanwhile, the second batch of the NPower, that is, 2017 batch participants were informed to watch out for the next phase of the application process which would be announced by September ending.




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