AGF Malami refuse to be tried secretly over Maina re-instatement

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, has confidence that he has breached no laws over the controversial re-instatement of the wanted former Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdularasheed Maina, and has insisted he would not be tried secretly by the Senate Committee.

Malami has been accused by the Head of Service and Federal Civil Service Commission to have initiated memoranda that re-instated Maina, has been summoned to appear before Senate to explain his part of the controversy, which has made President Muhammdu Buhari angry.


Speaking with Vanguard, Maina said because he has been tried and condemned in the public over Maina’s case, he now want to be tried openly by the Senate.

“I want to address Nigerians directly on the Maina issue when I appear before the Senate. But I understand the committee to probe the allegations against me and the Minister of Interior wants to do so in camera.

“Trying me in secret after I have been vilified openly by the people is not good enough. I will certainly appear before the committee at eleven o’clock ( on Tuesday (tomorrow) to speak on the matter but if they bring up the issue of trying me in camera, I would recuse myself from the matter and seek alternative way to explain my position publicly to Nigerians.”

Both the Head of Service and the Federal Civil Service Commission had claimed in the leaked memo that they acted according to Malami instruction to reinstate Miana.




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