A renown researcher in the field of mental health in Europe, Prof. Ernst Josef Franzek, has said the cause of looting by Nigeria leaders is embedded in the mental related issues.

He also attributed high rate of mental cases in the country to poverty and lack of care for mothers during birth.

Speaking with Vanguard, the German-born psychiatrist said “the problem in Nigeria is that the rich people make money and they have no brains any more. The poor people have no voice; so there is no competition.

“This also has to do with growing up. If the leaders were given the best while growing up, their brains would have formed better and they will not have to steal. And for this to change, I think, before Nigerians elect their leaders, there should be public competitions among aspirants in which the people will participate and see the mental state of the aspiring leaders.

“During such competitions, there should be no written paper, so that when they talk, you will know whether they speak from their hearts or not. Nigeria is supposed to be practicing democracy, but it is not really a democratic nation because the rich use their wealth to acquire things and run for political positions and the common people have no choice.

“In fact, that is also where you can ascertain whether the person aspiring to be or President is fit to lead the nation or not because, when you don’t have a healthy President, it causes dislocation in the system. And that is the problem you people have in Nigeria.

“I want Nigeria to be united because that will make them greater tomorrow. Agitations come because you have no middle class, the rich are getting richer and the poor are fighting.”

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