Following the execution of a Nigerian in Saudi Arabi last year, the remaining 14 that have been prepared for similar faith have cried out to President Muhammadu Buhari to do everything in his capability to save them from slaughtered.

One of them cried out in a leaked document saying: “We know they are preparing to kill us but before we die, we are pleading with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to look into the charges preferred against us and see if indeed, we have been given fair hearing for the offences they claim we committed, and whether the Saudi authorities have treated us well under the law.”

They were all charged for criminal offences, but they accused the Saudi authority to have hurridly executed Yusuf Yakubu Ajiboye, an indigen of Kwara State, after his arrest, fearing their lives might come to an end in no time.

The leaked document obtained by Vanguard further said that the Saudi authority charged them on drug-related crimes, which carry death penalty but pleaded that Nigeria intervene and give them another chance to live.

Among the Nigerians in the Medina Prison awaiting execution are: Lolo Babatunde, Biola Lawal, Hafis Amosu, Jimoh Ishola, Tunde Ibrahim, Abdurimi Aweda, Adam Abubakar, Amode Tunde, Adewumi Adepoju, Saka Riyau, Aliu Muhammed, Abdul Raman, Yekini Yahaya and two other women. Many other Nigerians arrested for drug-related offences have also been detained at Jedda, Mecca and Riyadh prisons in Saudi Arabia, awaiting execution.

Sources close to the suspects that there are no fewer than 25 Nigerian drug suspects being detained in several prisons in Saudi Arabia with the ultimate aim of executing them since the offence carried the maximum death penalty in that country.

The suspects said the Nigerian Embassy did not take action after they appealed for intervention that their case be transferred to Nigeria, even if they have to die in the prison or be executed in their father land.

“Our government should act fast to save our lives from the hangman’s noose because delay is dangerous in this case,” one of the suspects said.

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