Hospitals in Kwara State have been turned to mere consulting mortuaries instead of a place where lives will be saved, gubernatorial aspirant, Alhaji Shuaibu Yaman Abdullahim said on Wednesday.

Abdullahi made the statement at the Ilorin International Airport while responding to journalists, saying the leadership in Kwara State has no concern for the health of the masses.

He said, “I remember Abacha saying our hospitals have been relegated to mere consulting clinics. But in the case of Kwara, hospitals have further been reduced to consulting mortuaries. I am coming in to ensue that the health of our people is taken care of.”

Speaking of how to finance projects in the state, the governorship aspirant said his administration would leverage on wealth creation. “The answer is simple, I came from a wealth creation background. My business creates wealth and I know Kwara well enough to create prerequisite wealth for everybody to prosper.”

“When we come in our first programme will be wealth creation, so that our youths can be engaged. We are not going to minimize but eradicate unemployment by God’s grace. We will ensure that Kwara is not just leading but will set pace of development in Nigeria.

“Some of us grew up to enjoy free education is Kwara and saw how good things were generally. But today young find our boys getting into robbery. I mean you can’t get it worse

“Our schools are suffering. Teachers are no more in primary schools. They already have a big pile of retirement papers and if ask for your salaries you will be retired. Son those who should talk are in hibernation, because if you talk, you will be retired.

“Our schools are almost insistent. Go to Osun State, secondary schools there are incomparable to ones in Kwara.”

Also reacting to situations in the National Assembly, Abdullahi said the lawmakers are self-serving and can not be trusted.

“Whether we like it nor not, 2019 election is here. We know the kind of National Assembly we have now. They are self serving and as such they can not be trusted, but I will rather trust President Muhammadu Buhari because of his love for the country.”

Kwara hospitals consulting mortuaries, says guber aspirant, Yaman

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