Barely weeks after the incident where the young man, Chidi Cali, asked the Nobel Laureate,  Prof. Wola Soyinka to leave the window seat allocated him in a plane, he has explained his reasons.

The incidence generated much reactions as to if the young man possibly should ‘treat’ and unseat someone like Soyinka, who is an elder statesman well respected across the globe.

Chidi claimed Soyinka is part of the people who formed alliance to remove the former president and enthrone President Muhammadu Buhari, who he referred to as nepotistic Dictator, over Nigerians.

He took to social media saying, “Enough of their wickedness on Nigeria and its future. Is Prof Soyinka not the same people that stigmatize a humble President. You ganged up, sabotaged his Govt, Abuse and lied about him. The same mobs wrongly accused him of corruption and talking his wife and family down.

“Called his wife shipopo, stoned him while in electioneering campaign, helped to campaign for a tyrant.

“When the crude and nepotistic Dictator starts to take over your land, you ask the weak to defend their land against the shame and the calamity you brought on them.

“You see why I can never leave my seat for you! You should be an embodiment of everything and not just the sense you made in your book. I have not even read one. How am I even sure it is not overrated. … Defend ko! Civil Defence ni….

“I am Boarding another flight ✈️ come an take. My window seat. – Chidi Cali.”

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