Anti Igbo Threat: Prepare for Oodua Republic– 18 groups to Yorubas

Following the quit notice issued by the Arewa against Igbo, O’odua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC) is calling on all Yoruba people to get ready for an independent nation.

ONAC said since Igbo is not written on the foreheads of Nothern residents, the three months ultimatum was not only against the Igbos.

Aside the quit notice issued by the Northerners, the group said it made the call because the Yoruba people were pained and discomforted over disburbance in development plan as laid down for the South West by Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

ONAC is a combination Oodua Peoples Congress, Oodua Muslim-Christian Dialogue Group (OMDG), Oodua Hunters Union (OHUN),  Oodua Liberation Movement (OLM), Yoruba Students Nationalist Front (YOSNF), Oodua Republic Coalition (ORC), among others.

The statement was issued Michael Popoola, Mrs Aduke Fadahunsi and Oluwole Suleiman, warning that Yoruba resident in Hausa-Fulani territories would not be spared by their hosts and that they should have sense of history.

“We warn them to start mapping out alternative plans for the unavoidable violence being sponsored by the Fulani oligarchy.



The statement added that North has always been know for its aggression because the region lost its plan to make the whole Nigeria an exention of the Fulani emirate. “So we recommend that each region be on its own since the challenge we face is born out of conflict of civilisations”.

The statement further said that millions of lives have been wasted, children killed, and many reduced to beggar with talents of Yoruba men and women bound with fetters of iron just in a bid to keep Nigeria as one country.


“Today, we speak with one vioce and make historic proclamation that Yoruba is ready for her own soverign state, Oduduwa Republic. The cloud is getting thicker as we have watched several events unfolded”.

The coalition group further asserted that it was time to be ready to stop local imperial elemens and its handlers from seizing Yorubas homeland.

“We are stating categorically the Yoruba sovereignty and self-determination. We declare our readiness and we shall actualize it”, ONAC added in its statement.

“Yoruba has over 50 million population, spread all over the world. In fact, population of more than 140 countries is not up to that of Yorubas. So we are more than prepared for a sovereign nation for the South West”

“With that population, Yoruba will be the number 3 most largest nation in Africa, 28th largest nation in the world. Yoruba are knowledgeable, big and self-determined enough to have a sovereign state. There is no need for further delay.”





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