My name is Samuel. I am a fashion designer.
I have been dating a girl for the past four years.

Though, we are from different ethnic group, I truly love her because she’s got all the qualities I need in a woman.
She’s currently in her final year in one of the universities in the South-South.

Few weeks ago, I went to visit my doctor friend to inform him about my wedding and he asked if I had done my genotype test. He was shocked when I told him we haven’t done the test.

He then advised us to go for the test to ascertain our genotype.

I also informed my fiancee who is in school to do same because she doesn’t know hers. She did that almost immediately and told me the result was AS.

I just did mine only to discover that I am also AS.

The doctor advised me not to marry her because we may end up giving birth to a sickler.

I am afraid of telling her because both of us have sacrificed a lot for this relationship. She has been with me even when I had nothing and I don’t want to lose her. Another fear is that she may hurt herself if I tell her the wedding won’t hold.

She’s been troubling me to tell her my own status but I told her I haven’t done it.

I need advise. Is there anyway out for us? Do we have any hope?

At the moment, I’ve bought everything needed for the traditional marriage and I am afraid of telling my fiancee and my in-law the latest development.

I need your advice, please.

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