How Nigerians sell fellow Nigerians as slaves in Libya

More revelations have come to limelight as to the shady deals of slave trade of migrants, even as Nigerians are involved in kidnapping and selling their fellow Nigerians as slaves.

The truth emerged as more about 1300 Nigerians are repatriated from Libya by the International Organisation for Migration and Europe a Union in November alone.

Since the beginning of 2017, IOM-facilitated repatriation has brought back 5,578 Nigerian migrants, who were trapped in and outside prisons across Libya.

On Thursday night, 150 migrants from mostly Edo and Delta states arrived the country aboard a Buraq Airplane at the cargo terminal of the Murtala International Airport, Lagos. It was two days after 239 migrants had also been brought into the country.

Many of the returnees, who were thankful for being back, confirmed that they were sold by their fellow countrymen, who were getting rich in Libya.

One of them, 26-year-old Odion Saliu, a hairdresser from Edo State, said she was kidnapped and handed over to a Nigerian, who forced her to call her mother.

According to her, her mother in Benin paid N200, 000 but she was again sold by the same Nigerian for 3,000 dinars (about N794, 000).




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