36 prisoners have escaped while another four were killed in an jail break in Ikot Ekpene Prison, Akwa Ibom State, spokesperson Ogbajie Ogbajie  said on Thursday.

Ogbajie further noted that the incident happened on Wednesday morning, said that the prisoners attacked staffs in the prison kitchen, and made their way through extreme entrance of the prison.

He said: “At about 11:47hrs on Wednesday, 27 December 2017, there was an attack on kitchen staff that were on duty at Ikot Ekpene Prison in Akwa-Ibom State by some prisoners.

“They seized an axe from fellow inmate attached to the kitchen, inflicting a deep cut to inmate’s head in the process and immediately made for the rear entrance to the prison. They broke the door with the axe and engaged the staff that chased after them in battle,” he said.

Ogbajie said further that seven of the fleeing inmates were recaptured while four others who were hit by gunshots died.

“At the end of the scuffle, four of them that sustained gunshots lost their lives while seven were recaptured. 36 are still at large and search parties have been activated to effect their recapture,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Controller of Prisons (CP), Akwa Ibom State Command, Alex Oditah, has ordered an investigation into the circumstance surrounding the jailbreak.

Speaking further on the issue the controller begged the public to help the authority with helpful information that will assist in the arrest of the escaped prisoners, noting that measures have been taken to forestall such occurrence.

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