Governor Ayodele Fauyose of Ekiti state has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari over World Bank revelation that it was following President’s order to focus its developmental projects on the Northern area of the country.

The governor tagged Buhari a sectional leader for favouring his own geographical area in neglect of other regions.

“The President has never hidden the fact that he is a sectional leader and painfully, because of his nepotism, religious bigotry and favouritism, Nigeria is now more divided than ever before, with the unity of the country being threatened.”

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor further noted that President Buhari’s order to Jim Yong Kim of World Bank clearly shows that he did not see himself as the President of the entire country and that Buhari still carried that mindset he used to rule when he was the military Head of State.

Giving instance, Fayose reminded Nigerians how Buhari cancelled the Lagos Metroline Project which costed Lagos taxpayers a huge loss.

“Would Buhari have stopped that project that would have resolved the transportation nightmare in Lagos if it were to be in Kano?”, the governor querried.

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