Femi Gbajabiamila

Gbajabiamila challenges Tambuwal to state his role in Dogara’s Speakership

Leader of the House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, on Tuesday challenged the governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal, to state his role in how his successor, Yakubu Dogara, emerged Speaker.

Gbajabiamila who must have been seeking way to put forth the question finally get a means to that during Doraga’s 50th birthday and the launching of a book, Dogara: A real Made Flint.

Dogara defeated Gbajabiamila to emerge Speaker of the House on June 9, 2015, with the support of his successor who belong to northern extraction.

Gbajabiamila was the mastermind behind the emergence of the Tanbuwal as Speaker in 2011, with agreement to help him too in 2015 only for the former Speaker, now governor, to turn against him and support his northern brother instead.

Present Speaker Dogara defeated the respected All Proressives Congress’s candidate Gbajabiamila with just eight votes which surprised everyone to the belief that Tambuwal had been the mastermind who worked against Gbajabiamila for the emergence of Dogara.

According to report, Governor Tambuwal had rallied support for Dogara when he discovered his agreement with Gbajabiamila on certain ground is shaking, though the influential former Speaker and Gbajabiamila were close friends.

Gbajabiamila had expected a return of the favour from Tambuwal in 2015, but disappointed as the governor supported Dogara in place of him.

Gbajabiamila however used an opportunity to speak on the matter yesterday, asking the governor to state the role he played to all Nigerians in the emergence of Gogara as Speaker.

“I believe the book launched today will state the role Tambuwal played in the speakership contest. We should know your role, as you have not told anyone before. Maybe Tambuwal should be the one to tell us, as nobody as been able to ask him say his role,” Gbajabiamila said to which there was a general laughter at the venue.

The Governor also laughed instead of him to speak on the matter raised by Gbajabiamila.


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