Spillover of letter of former President Olusegun Obasanjo urging President Muhammadu Buhari not to re-contest 2019 is still much visible, as the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, slammed critics for raising issues without arming themselves with enough facts.

Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu

Shittu accused Obasanjo for taking pleasure in sensational statements and also said the former president lacked the moral right to counsel Buhari to jettison second term ambition.

The Minister also slammed leaders of South West who are opposing President Buhari’s re-election bid, saying they are bigots and ridden of clannishness.

Shittu said, “The people making the most noise about the supposed non performance of this government are people who ordinarily should shut their mouth in view of the fact that they customized corruption, they customized ineptitude, they customized everything that was unworthy of governance in Nigeria.”

The Minister divulged this while speaking with State House correspondents at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, adding that he “consider it a matter of patriotic duty to interact with you on a number of issues that have been trending, particularly in the south west and generally in the country. As somebody who has been in this government for almost two years, I believe am in a position to know what the achievements of this government are.

“Ironically it looks like we have not been talking because we believe in modesty, we do not believe in propaganda. Unfortunately enemies of this government, particularly people who perhaps feel they have lost out in the new dispensation have been churning out false information, blackmail and all kinds of baseless accusations, particularly of non-performance of the government.

“I am talking here not as the spokesperson of the government but as an individual, a leader of APC from Oyo State who also is a member of this government haven been minister of communications. I believe as an active participant in political and governmental affairs, I have a duty to the government and to myself and I believe to all Nigerians that we have to correct a lot of misinformation and blackmail that is out there by people who ordinarily deserve respect but who for reason of clannishness, for reason of tribalism, for reasons of religious bigotry and intolerance have decided to see and not to ask questions about what is going on in the country.

The Minister pointed out that he had always educate anyone who was willing to know what the present government has done especially in areas of housing, power sectors, agriculture, in works. He challenged PDP of not able to achieve much in 16 years as the present government has achieved in less than 3 years.


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