New PDP laments relegation in APC leadership

Senator Abdullahi Adamu

The former governor of Nasarawa State, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has explained why his pro-establishment wing of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) visited the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, stating that the the bloc represents interest of the defunct new PDP which merged to form the ruling party in 2014.

The federal lawmaker also hinted that members of the defunct nPDP visited him to complain about being relegated to the background in APC, despite the fact that they have dropped their previous identity.

“Some days ago, some colleagues, brothers of ours in the defunct nPDP came to the national secretariat of our great party and made a presentation to the national  chairman of our party to the effect that the government and our party were beginning to not only intimidate their members, but also added that they have not been getting patronage as they would wish to, and that they were being pushed to the backyard of the mainstream of APC in government,” Adamu told Vanguard.

“So, we felt a sense of responsibility and duty to, as members of the defunct nPDP, which of course started with me, in my house and we ended in former Kano state governor’s residence and all the meetings up to the signing of the merger with the APC, we were fully involved and we feel that at this point when the government and the party are facing very important challenges, that all hands would be on deck to steer the ship of state in unison with the president and the party.

“Unfortunately, some people have chosen this moment to be the time when they would pick up issues with the government and the party. This is very diversionary and we believe that we should come and give another account of the situation that we know is the truth.

The former governor further said, “Anybody who wants to challenge our submissions is free to challenge us and we stand by every word that we have said.

“We did not want to bother the national secretariat by flooding the premises with a crowd of our members because the place would not even accommodate us but the guys that came under the leadership of my brother, Baraje were only four and we thought we should limit our number so that it would be manageable and we didn’t want to send the wrong signals as to our mission.

“That was why we limited the number of those that went to present our case to the national chairman. The chairman received us and we talked to him, we presented our letter to him alongside some members of the National Working Committee NWC of the party.   We made our mission clear,” Adamu said.





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