APC is ignoring truth, justice…learn from PDP’s downfall– Timi Frank

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Timi Frank, has warned that the same warning, strategy used by his group to remove the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party from power would be deployed for APC if it continues with injustice and ignoring the truth.

Timi Frank said the new Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) had warned the leadership of PDP on certain issues and left to join the APC when the warning fell on deaf hears, adding the ruling party is guilty of the same fault today and that his group would not hesitate in deploying the strategy once again to bring the party down.


He said, “I will tell you clearly that yes, as at the time we took the decision, we believed as at that time that we were taking the right step. We did not have the celestial or spiritual power to know what would be bad and that is why we decided to come up, and to tell Nigerians and to tell our party that this is not what we bargained for.

“So, it is now left for our party to listen to us, to take our positions and decisions very serious. You can see we are not just sycophants in our group. We don’t just sit down and keep quiet because we want to keep quiet. We speak when necessary.

“That is why I can tell you again, the same way, the same strategy we deployed in telling our former party then, the PDP the truth that they ignored, that we decided to tell our party of today the truth of the injustice, oppression that is going on in the party.  There is too much of oppression, harassment and intimidation for some of us who came from the PDP to join this coalition.”





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