A former Minister of State for Power and Steel, Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, who last declared interest to run for the post of Presidency, has declared Nigeria as a state of total collapse.

Hagher, a Second Republic Senator and Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico and con-current to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama and later, High Commissioner to Canada.

His response came after when he was asked about his view about the problem of insecurity in Nigeria, especially as it concern Benue farmers and herdsmen.

The former lawmaker also boast of being able of securing Benue State that is ridden of herdsmen within one month with just a single laptop using technology to map out schematics of the community.


“We are in a state of total collapse in this country. There is nowhere in this country, no state where you do not have armed robbery, and kidnapping on the increase,” Hagher said in an interveiw with Vanguard.

“People are killed at will and there is no solution to the murders taking place and nobody is held accountable. Our security agencies are compromised and criminals work in tandem with our security agents.

“We have reached a state of paralysis. When I become president, it is not just me, it is a mind revolution. Everybody will be a security officer. That is what is done everywhere in the world.

The former lawmaker maintained that the leaders has failed to utilize technology to map out and secure hide out of criminals. He also blamed higher level insecurity on unemployment and lack of education

“So people who are vicious and wicked come to Nigeria and look at you that you are a very strong young man, kill you and end up harvesting your parts for their benefit. With modern technology and everybody getting involved in security, we can solve this problem. Now, nobody really cares if we involve the local communities.

“I can secure Benue State within a month. One laptop can capture an entire population in a local government area, and village by village. If everybody is everybody’s security, the day a strange face appears in the local government from bicycle to motorcycle, we can log in that a strange person has come into village A, what is he doing?

“The following day somebody else reports, we saw strange movement of people. You then monitor it immediately, using information system. You can monitor security, it has reached advanced stage. It is so easy to be done but nobody wants to do it because people are benefiting from the insecurity.

“Look at the present insecurity in the country. The President asked for $1billion, why is terrorism not being crushed? It is lasting longer than the Nigerian civil war. Why? It is not a problem to me, I will finish it. All it takes is political will. If they are ready to finish it, they will finish it but because they are benefiting from it, they will not.

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