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Health Insurance: FHIS applauds media’s contributions to increasing enrollees



A side view of some of the health stakeholders at the meeting

(Photo: A side view of some of the health stakeholders at the meeting)


The FCT Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) has applauded the role of the media for projecting the agency, leading to increase in beneficiaries of health insurance services in the city.


Dr Aminat Zakari, Deputy Director (DD) Operations of the agency, made this know while addressing newsmen at the opening of the agency’s two-day meeting with health stakeholders.

Stakeholders at the meeting include Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), Health Care Providers (HCP) and Caregivers.

The meeting is aimed at identifying some challenges observed by the health stakeholders with FHIS, identifying the ones with the stakeholders, as well as proffering solutions to all the challenges by all the stakeholders.

“We have about 157, 000 lives, I will attribute the increase, which is just of recent, to our engagement with the media.

Not quite long we had a media roundtable, we also had a training for them and that has now expanded our horizon.

“Anytime the media have opportunity, they speak to the public about FHIS and this has really improved our enrollment, increased our sensitisation; we speak to people anywhere we go about health insurance.

“Although, we want it to be better than this, and this is why we are having this stakeholders meeting which we believe the media will also project us,” she disclosed.

Mr Adesoji Idowu, Manager, Clients Services and Underwriting, United Healthcare International, identified some challenges militating against smooth running of health insurance in the FCT.

He said that cost and funding had been a bigger problem to some of the HMOs, adding that finding sustainable funding sources to HMOs had limited the provision of health insurance in the FCT.

According to him, balancing premium affordability for participants has remained a great challenge, and that administrative complexity had also limited efficiency of health insurance services in FCT.

“Some enrollees come to the hospital to present some of their relations that are not covered by the services (impersonation); this is another major challenge to the smooth running of health insurance in Nigeria,” he said.

Earlier at the programme, Mr Mbakwe Onyebuchi, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, FHIS, stated that the objective of the meeting was to have discussion with stakeholders in health insurance concerning the operation of FHIS.

He said that the meeting was also to access the performance of FHIS within the first and second quarters of 2023, and as the agency operation affected each and everyone of the stakeholders.
“All our operations from January to June of this year will be assessed, challenges militating against our operation at the hospital level will be identified here, including the ones confronting HMOs and caregivers as well as the enrollees.

“The aim of these is to discuss together all these challenges and proffer solutions. We encouraged the HMO, caregivers to tell the truth in order for us to move forward.

“There is bound to be conflict in the system,” he said.

Malan Haruna, the Acting Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretariat (HHSS) of the FCTA, also urged the stakeholders to bare out their mind about the challenges on health insurance services in FCT.

Haruna, who was represented by Dr Mathew Ashikeni, Director of Special Duties, HHSS-FCTA, stated that whatever the stakeholders said would be presented to FCT Health Secretariat for further development and would enable FHIS to brace up.

“We are determined to make healthcare accessible to everybody in the FCT, let us discuss openly.

“We thank the United States Agency for International Development, Integrated Health Programme (USAID-IHP) for its support for making the work easier for director of FHIS and for enrollees,” he said.


I’m a witness for Christ– Okupe recounts as he defeats cancer



A former Labour Party, LP, presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe, has described himself as an evangelist of Jesus Christ.


Okupe disclosed this while recounting how God saved him from cancer for the second time and his weight loss journey.


He spoke while appearing on Channels Television’s programme, Political Paradigm.

Responding to if he achieved his weight loss through surgery or discipline, Okupe said: “It’s part in part, the first problem was cancer I had and the chemotherapy makes you lose appetite, you have nausea, and even as you sustain for several months, you lose weight.

“When I started chemotherapy, I was 127kg, and then I came down to 97kg… the chemotherapy ended and I went back to 103kg

“This is the second time I’m beating cancer, the first time was 16 years ago, which was prostrate and this time it was the soft tissues of my right shoulders.

“In all these, I bear witness to God and Jesus Christ, I’m a testimony to the fact that there is nothing the Lord God Jehovah can’t do. From now on, I have become an evangelist and a witness for Christ.”

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Life expectancy: NMA advises Nigerians on eating right for healthy living



Life expectancy: NMA advises Nigerians on eating right for healthy living

The Nigeria Medical Association, (NMA-FCT) elders forum has advised Nigerians, especially the youth, on the need to eat right for healthy living, saying such also controls life expectancy.


The Acting Chairman of the association’s elders forum, Dr Udofia Enefiok, gave the advice at a meeting tagged “A day out with the elders”.


The meeting was part of the activities lined up for the 2023 Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of the association.

Enefiok advised Nigerians, particularly the youth, not to eat anyhow because such food was free.

He added that everyone must relate properly with the kind of food eaten.

According to him, at every stage of life, there are specific food made for those stages and that “if you carry food that you have been eating when you are young and eat such quantity at age 60 or 70, you are doing yourself more harms than good.

“It is important to know that God created us and make provisions for a lot of things, a lot of food. God does not do things without reason and he kept those things for us to live with.

“It is expected that those foods are for purposes which we must get to know and then use them appropriately in order to stay healthy, that is the expectation of God”.
He said unfortunately a lot did not relate well with those foods, “we do what we want, we eat what we want because it is free, and God cannot constraint us, therefore we cannot live to achieve the old age we want”.

“It is not that we won’t die, God may want us to die at a particular time or from a natural disaster, or other unforseen circumstances. Some deaths are from the food we eat and it results to sicknesses.
“We have a duty to ensure we relate with our food properly, eat our food properly, to sustain our lives over crumbs that is just the message we are trying to pass to everybody.”

He said that if one ate quality food, the cells, as the basic foundations of life, would also be healthy and the organs of the body such as the heart, kidney and others would also be healthy.
Enefiok disclosed that the forum realised that eating right could avoid some diseases like hypertension, diabetes cardiac arrest, kidney failure and others.

The NMA-FCT Chairman, Dr Charles Ugwuanyi, stated that the meeting was basically organised for young Nigerians, especially young doctors to tap from the knowledge of the elders who passed through medical profession before them.

Represented by his vice, Dr Eno Ekop, he stated that elders always had words of wisdom for the young ones and that when the youth interacted with them, they got to learn a lot from the elders.

“If you start early to make food your medicine, it is not all about taking pills, lifestyle medicine is a major issue and that is basically what today’s gathering is all about,” he said.

Dr Ayogu Emeka, Chairman, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the AGM, also advised Nigerians to eat right to stay healthy and live long.

According to him, there will be a certain age in life when one will become old, and that if one did not take care of himself, some conditions may set in and it will require you to take drug more than food.

He said that the idea of the meeting was to advise everybody on how to eat healthy food, so that one could live long, due to eating the right quantity of food and avoid taking drugs.

The Chairman of the occasion, Prof. Olufemi Babalola, also called on Nigerians to eat right and avoid diseases associated with poor diet like Obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and others.

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