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Yuletide: Govs’ wife commends Anglican Church for donating items to widows, orphans



The Wife of Ebonyi Governor, Mrs MaryMaudline Nwifuru, has commended the Anglican Diocese of Abakaliki for identifying and donating food items to Diocesan Widows and Orphans in the state.

Nwifuru made the commendation on Tuesday, during the 2023, edition of Anglican Diocese of Abakaliki Diocesan Widows and Orphans End-of-the-year party, organised by the church in the state.

The governors’ wife thanked the Anglican Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese, Rt Rev. Monday Nkwoagu, and his wife, Lady Charity, for taking good care of their hospital bills, school fees, and upkeep, among other needs.

She encouraged individuals to support the group to enable them celebrate at ease.

She also urged the widows and orphans to report any form of abuse against them to get justice and protection.

“Let the party be a moment of joy, connection for renewed sense of hope and love,” Mrs Nwifuru said.

In his remarks, the Anglican Bishop encouraged generosity to those in need to make a positive impact on the society.

Nkwoagu made reference of an orphan and beneficiary of the programme, who graduated and started making contributions to support the project.

The Bishops’ Wife, Lady Nkwoagu, said that the diocesan widows and orphans programme started since 2012.

According to her, the programme had produced 13 university graduates and taken care of over 2,000 widows and 300 orphans.

She added that other beneficiaries of the programme include those in secondary, primary and nursery schools.

She said that programme was being sponsored by the Bishop, donors, friends, parishes, priests and wives, members of the church among other well wishers who support in paying the hospital bills and school fees.

“We had our first Christmas party with them that year, in a small scale.

“I remain grateful to God and my husband for helping, supporting and encouraging me,” Nkwoagu said.

She further commended Mrs Nwifuru for her show of love and passion towards widows, orphans and vulnerable persons in the society.

Mrs Ngozi Obichukwu, the state Commissioner of Aviation, applauded the organisers and encouraged the beneficiaries to embrace God and depend on Him.

Earlier, some beneficiaries, including orphans and widows, commended the bishop and his wife for their support so far and thanked Mrs Nwifuru for identifying and supporting them as well.

The items included cartons of tomatoes, cartons of vegetable oil, noodles, spaghetti, salt, tubers of yam and wrappers.



Order CBN to honour Letters of Credit– SINET to Tinubu, NASS



Amidst several hardships facing the Nigerian populace, the Social Integrity Network, (SINET) has urged President Ahmed Bola Tinubu and the leadership of national assembly to compel the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Mr. Olayemi Cardoso, to order and reconsider honouring the forward contracts that are genuinely backed up with proper compliant documents for utilisation against each Letters of Credit (LCs) opened by the commercial banks using the forwards as a hedge.

The group also urged the Federal Government to make further clarification concerning a statement credited to the CBN Governor on issues regarding the alleged and well-publicized revelations of a $2.4 billion forex trading fraud.

SINET recalled that “On February 5, 2024, the governor of CBN made this declaration in both his interactions with Senate committees and his interview on a national television, following the engagement of Deloitte Management Consultant to conduct a forensic investigation where he claimed that the said amount was uncovered.

A statement issued on Monday by SINET national coordinator, Ibrahim Issah, disclosed that “On the contrary, we wish to unequivocally state that these claims lack merit and do not take into account the consequences they will have on businesses, public perception, or the economy of our cherished nation and its implication on forex both at home and abroad.”

According to him, “Without sentiment, the claim is completely falsehood and unacceptable as he, the CBN governor, failed to consider its economic implications. It is pertinent to state that genuine businessmen and women across the country, borrowed Funds from commercial banks, some with interest rates as high as 30% to secure forex from the CBN through their respective commercial banks since CBN does not sell the dollars to individuals directly.

“The same funds have been deposited with CBN for the past one and half years for forwards allocated for which the Apex Bank is now claiming were fraudulent transactions. May we remind Mr. Governor that while the CBN allocated the forwards after collecting the naira for each forward allocated, the commercial banks used these same forward contracts as a hedge and issued Letters of Credit (LCs) to their various customers against their offshore credit lines and also as a sovereign guarantee to their offshore banks which stand unpaid till today as a result of the failure of CBN to honour the various forward contracts.

“May we also remind our CBN Governor that as a result of their failure to honour these contracts, the outstanding foreign loans continue to accrue interest (post-negotiation charges), which the commercial Banks are passing to their customers: the same customers you say do not have a genuine claim.”

The statement further stressed that, “The public would like to ask Mr. Governor the following questions: What will happen to the foreign bank that is expecting their payment to be paid back? What will happen to the businessmen and women who had borrowed Naira from commercial Banks and paid the same into the CBN account for the purchase of forex for over eighteen months? Who will bear the interest charged on borrowed funds locally? Who will bear the charges running against the offshore lines used in establishing Letters of Credit? What will happen to the businesses? What will happen to the employees that are dependent on the survival of the businesses that CBN is trying to kill?

“We call upon the senate president and, in fact, the president and Commander In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to call the CBN governor to order and reconsider honouring the forward contracts that are genuinely backed up with proper compliant documents for utilisation against each Letters of Credit (LCs) opened by the commercial banks using the forwards as a hedge.

“Let us state categorically that the CBN is killing businesses by cancelling the forward contracts that were sold to them about 18 months ago at the rate of N450/dollar and now selling the same funds to the commercial banks and directing the bank to sell the money at the rate of 1,500/dollar to the same businesses who initially had a forward contract at the rate of N450/dollar.

“May we also remind Mr. Governor, that failure to honour these forward contracts is taking commercial banks longer time to clean the offshore lines already used for establishing Letters of Credit against which shipments have been done and payment made to LC beneficiaries by the offshore banks. The delays of the commercial banks to settle their Forex obligations to their offshore banks is making our country risk to be very high.

“Lastly, the public will like to call on the coordinating minister for the economy, Mr. Wale Edun to engage the CBN regarding this issue of undelivered forward contracts because at present in Nigeria, almost 60% of companies in the manufacturing sector have been closed due to the volatility of Forex in Nigeria in order to avoid the other 40% from also closing down.

“This will go a long way to help the few remaining manufacturing companies still in operation in Nigeria and also encourage the new investors that the president and commander in-chief of the federal republic is trying woo to bring their investments to Nigeria.”

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APC To Yahaya Bello: Stop Confusing The Party, No Vacancy For National Chairman



Yahaya Bello Kogi state

The leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has told the immediate-past governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello that there is no vacancy in the office of the national chairman of the party.

The national publicity secretary of the party, Felix Morka warned the former Kogi governor to stop confusing the party, saying the position of the national chairman is currently occupied.

Morka handed down the warning while addressing newsmen at the national secretariat of the party.

The posters of the former governor were seen on major streets in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), especially around the federal secretariat and on walls and fences of structures around the APC national secretariat along Blantyre Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

The bold picture of the former Kogi state governor is adorned with the inscription, “APC Next Level. Alhaji Yahaya Bello as APC National Chairman. Leading the Change, Building a Stronger APC.”

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